sketching in Milan.JPG

Sketching in Milan, Italy

My mixed media works are abstracted compositions saturated with color and augmented by the bold use of line and texture. Early in my career my paintings used collage and assemblage over simply painted backgrounds. With time and experience, the paint and line work is in a style that represents my interests in architecture, design and the landscape. Travel continues to inspire me and influences an ongoing change in my work over the last several years. The architectural underpinnings of earlier work are more pronounced now and the emphasis is on communicating a "sense of place" within the landscape.

In 2018 I'm celebrating 25 years in the art business by painting in my beloved Italy. Working in the countryside challenges me and refreshes my work.  By letting the landscape speak to me and pushing beyond the obvious sight lines my work continues to evolve around my "sense" of place. 

With each new day in the studio, or painting plein air,  I'm reminded of how fortunate artists are to create, teach and inspire.  I like to think my art speaks to that good fortune and the joy I feel when I paint.