The Baths

My love of nature, particularly anything to do with water, propels my work. The real challenge for any abstract artist is the act of translating through paint. Whether or not images, real or perceived, exists doesn’t concern me but rather can I give the viewer a path into a natural environment. My emphasis is on communicating a "sense of place" within the landscape. It can be city architecture, mountainous countryside or how glimmering light creates a show on the water. I want to present an idea or trigger a memory rather than define a specific place. Traveling and painting plein air give me inspiration along with daily work inside the studio.

In 2019 my work explores aspects of climate change and the constant degradation the Earth is experiencing, while finding the beauty in all that remains and demands attention and action now. These paintings juxtapose nature’s very divergent characteristics: the serene and active, picturesque and disintegrating, quiet and volatile. Some works offer an atmospheric perspective, as if seeing the land from above after a violent storm, a glacier melt, or the aftermath of destructive wildfires. 

“Suzanne Yurdin’s current group of abstract landscapes strikingly captures the essence of places seen and asks us to preserve their beauty for future generations. Mixing bold line work with texture and color, these landscapes transport us to distant places and, in the process, help us to understand that the serenity of nature is now juxtaposed with the alarming reality of a planet desperately in need of greater activism to save it.” 

William Carroll, curator of Paradise Lost

Perhaps my friend Tom said it best: “I'm in the landscape with the paintings, taking in the view and absorbing the surroundings. Your art provokes thought, emotion, and participation.”