Potomac River at Chain Bridge.jpg

I’m interested in translating the environment be it water, earth or air. As an abstract artist the real work for me is how to convey a message through paint. My emphasis is on communicating a "sense of place" within the landscape. It can be city architecture or an active street scene, vast landscapes or how light creates a show on the water. I want to present an idea or trigger a memory rather than define a specific place.

Painting on several pieces at a time allows for an organic process of development and story telling. Trial and error - paint and scrape. Working outside and traveling have fueled my work the last several years and ignited a search for how best to capture the spirit, sound and emotion of a place. 

Perhaps my friend said it best: “I'm in the landscape with the paintings, taking in the view and absorbing the surroundings. Your art provokes thought, emotion, and participation.”